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Our organization already has a suite of developed programs that impact various areas of performance, effectiveness and communication.  Each program has a track record on its own in the areas they are designed to address.  The programs range in time from 1 day Speaking Topics/Engagements to 6 months long Leadership ML3Development Programs.  Some of the programs benefit from a diverse set of participants from different areas of an organization.  Others, can be applied to specific Teams or Departments.  We have worked delivered these programs in as such departments as Legal, HSE, Operations, Communication & External Affairs, Finance,  Management, Leadership Teams, Trading, Alternative Energy and Refining.

Some of our existing programs are:

  • The Mission Control Productivity Workshop

    • 2.5 Day workshop focused on reducing stress and working more effectively in the work environment of the 21st Century
  • Unlocking Individual Potential, Power and Performance

    • 6 Month Development Program for individuals who have been identified as High Potentials, those that are in new or expanded roles – the program requires support and engagement from the direct line supervisors throughout the 6 months
  • Developing Leadership Capacities and Conversations for the Future

    • 6 to 12 month engagement that focuses on Culture change for and within an entire organization or a specific team
  • Creating Partnerships for the Future

    • Team Engagement Program mainly for service organizations, functions, teams or individuals that are in an influence role and need to elevate their partnership and influence both within and outside of the team or organization itself (e.g. HSE, Legal, CSR, HR) where a step change in the relationship both within the organization/function and those they serve is needed to deliver on the commitments of the organization/function
  • Connecting Strategy to Everyday Work

    • Employee Engagement Program that focuses on connecting the corporate or team strategy to the everyday work of the front line
  • Technical Influence in Action

    • A 3 to 6 month program designed for people in Technical Roles that have a unique expertise and need to improve the rate at which their knowledge is transferred and implemented by the line

In addition to these specific programs we have a suite of one day instructional seminars on various topics from Engagement, Appreciating Different Perspectives, The Language of Action – Powerful Requests and Promises.

For additional information on any of the above programs or to start an exploratory conversation with us about your organization’s needs please contact us and we will contact you within 24 hours.